Friday, April 19, 2013

Referrals For Nashville TN short sales

Got a call yesterday from a REALTOR in Colorado asking me if I would take on a referral short sale in Nashville TN.  of course i said i would, i love having someone find me on the internet and refer business.  We talked a bit about short sales and my methodology toward selling homes under a short sale environment.

part of my process in selling a short is getting the homeowner in the right mindset to let the process work as efficiently as possible.  we all know by its very nature a short sale is a tedious and trying undertaking, but can be done if everyone (buyer and seller and their respective agents) enter into it with the right mindset and same goal.  that being, get the home sold for a fair price with the lender's blessing and minimize the strain and stress on everyone.

more to come on this one

by mike conrad

short sale homes in nashville tn

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