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Selling Luxury Homes

Posted by: Guest Contributor on June 19th, 2012
If you’re looking to sell your luxury home this summer, it might be a challenge with the current economy to close the deal quickly. There is good news however, many people are currently buying homes, and if you need to sell, there is a fairly good chance of finding a buyer for your home. To help you sell your home quicker, there are some simple things you can do to not only maximize your home’s value, but also close the deal faster.
  1. First impression is everything. A buyer can sometimes decide whether he is even going to consider placing an offer on your home in the first thirty seconds. Since the outside is the first part of your home a buyer views, increase your curb appeal. Take extra care to manicure your lawn, plant fresh flowers, and clean your yard of any junk. A thorough cleaning of the inside of your home is important before showings; nobody likes a dirty or smelly home.
  2. Stage your home! On average staged homes sell for 6-10% more than their counterparts and almost twice as fast. Consider hiring a professional in order to prep your house for showings. Even small items as fresh flowers or removing personal items make a huge difference in the buyers mind.

  3. Don’t waste your time with unqualified buyers. When selling luxury homes in Middle Tennessee unfortunately there are heaps of potential buyers looking for luxury living accommodations that they simply can’t afford. Have your realtor make sure buyer who are submitting offers are first qualified before considering them. This will not only save your time, but also keep you from experiencing an emotional rollercoaster.
  4. Make sure you highlight the focal points and amenities of your home. Luxury homes are about one thing, luxury. If you have a pool, hot tub, tennis courts or other luxury features, make sure they are marketed to prospective buyers. These features make the difference in the sales of luxury homes.
  5. Hire a realtor that is familiar with not only the area but luxury real estate as well. The sale of luxury homes can be more complex and require specific attention to certain details than your average home. Your realtor should be knowledgeable in luxury home construction, negotiation, as well as financing in order for you to fetch top dollar for your property.
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